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Shipping Policy

We provide free shipping for all products. For COD orders, Rs49 is charged as COD Fees.
All orders placed with globegrab.com would be shipped through our courier partners.
All ordered products readily available in stock would be shipped in 24 hours of placing the order.
The ordered products that are not readily available in stock would be shipped within 4 working days.
Globe grab international trading Pvt ltd. only holds the responsibility of handing over the consignment to the courier company in 4 working days of order placement and payment receipt. It will be in no case liable for the delivery delays made by the courier company.
All orders would be delivered only to the registered postal address of the buyer as mentioned in debit/credit card details unless the alternate delivery address is mentioned at the time of order placement.

Payment Terms  & Conditions

CoD (Cash on Delivery) allows the buyer to choose a product from Globegrab according to their preference and pay at the time of delivery. With fewer chances of fraud or default, cash on delivery (CoD), sometimes called collect on delivery, is viable and most preferred medium of payment for online buyers. Delivered through mail, the payment is made upon receipt of the order rather than in advance. “Cash” can also be extended to other modes of payment such as credit card or cheque.

At Globegrab, we want the online shopping experience to be same as shopping offline. Hence, if the purchaser does not make payment at the time of delivery then the goods are returned.

The advantages of CoD for the buyer are:

• No need for credit card transactions involved

• No payment required at the time of ordering instead payment is made when the goods are delivered. This builds mutual trust among buyers and Globegrab

• Globegrab offers CoD services to buyers all over purnea and is currently one of the largest Cash on Delivery networks in the region.


– Any other form of payment i.e. DD or cheque will not be accepted by the courier agent/company rider

– CoD payment mode is applicable to a fee amount of Rs500

– CoD facility is applicable only if the buyer is a resident of purnea.

– No item priced above Rs 50000 will be available for purchase through Cash on Delivery.

– The courier company will contact the buyer to confirm the delivery date and time. The buyer should ensure availability at the time of delivery along with the transaction amount in cash.

– The buyer cannot open the package before submitting the transaction amount to the courier agent.


Buyer can make the payment using their debit or credit card at the time of delivery. This option is currently available for bihar in Purnea only.

Online Payment

Globegrab accepts a variety of secure and trusted payment methods that vary depending on your country of residence. The standard available methods are; Cash on Delivery (CoD), Card on Delivery for offline payments, MasterCard, Rupay and Visa. We strive that your shopping experience is completely secured. This way you can be sure that your financial information is safe and you can make a secure transaction without any worries

Credit Cards

Globegrab.come, as previously mentioned, accepts Visa and MasterCard. Just enter your card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.